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Client Centered Approach 



You focus on managing your business, let us focus on managing your construction project.  We specialize in representing you, the owner, developer, tenant, or banker through all facets of planning, engineering, design, permitting, construction, finishes, and move in. 

Our approach is people centered; we believe that in growing people you will grow your business.   With the appropriate mix of good leadership, good people, and a solid roadmap, business thrives, and at Latitude 63, we focus on helping organizations to develop each of these.

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At Latitude 63 we deliver a unique mix of professional experience through strategic relationships with individuals who have demonstrated successes in leadership across multiple industries.  Our consultants are recognized for their integrity, sharp analytical minds, creativity, and the ability to work with people at all levels in an organization.  We operate as one firm.  Our standards for service and people are consistently maintained at the highest levels so that we can always bring the best team of minds with the broadest range of industry and functional experience—to bear on every assignment.

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Anchorage Office

Latitude 63 LLC

2261 Cinnabar Loop

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Contractors, Preserve Your Rights, Give Notice:

“NOTICE” is arguably one of the most critical and foundational components of modern construction contracts, yet numerous contractors don’t know what “NOTICE” is and many more never use “NOTICE” as a formal means of communication.  Often, a contract will stipulate that a failure to provide “NOTICE” constitutes a loss of entitlement.  Download our free white paper about "NOTICE" to learn more.





10 Critical Errors to Avoid When Strategic Planning:

Strategy is the “what” and “why”; products, projects, programs, and services are “how”. Strategy is the game plan the describes how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.  The strategy is a series of planned out moves that, in essence, advances the ball down the field one play at a time.




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Project Success, what does it look like?

Interestingly, many organizations cannot answer the question of what a successful project should or would look like, or more clearly, many cannot answer the question as it relates to their own project.

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