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Project and Leadership Development Areas

Our approach is people centered; we believe that in growing people you will grow your business.   With the appropriate mix of good leadership, good people, and a solid roadmap, business thrives, and at Latitude 63, we focus on helping organizations to develop each of these.
Construction Management


Modern construction projects are so wonderfully, incredibly, and amazingly complex that it is difficult to adequately describe and surprising that anything gets built.  This complexity is not only in technical terms but contractual as well.  We can help you with your project in areas such as: 

  • Contract Management: 

  • Safety Over site: 

  • Schedule Management:

  • Quality Control:

  • Claims Mitigation: 

Construction Claims


Expert Witness including technical evaluation of your case, courtroom testimony, depositions, and expert reports.  If you are facing contractual problems, or not getting paid for change work, or practically any other construction contract problem we can help.   

  • Expert Reports:

  • Legal Team Partners:

  • Technical Evaluations: 

  • Courtroom Testimony:

  • Advocacy 

Project Management


Whether working with Exxon Mobile, The US Department of Defense, or any other organization large or small, our Project Managers have what it takes to help your organization achieve its Project goals.


  • PM Consulting or: 

  • Full Service PM:

  • Contract Management:

  • RFP & Spec Writing:

  • Contract Doc. Mgt: 

Capital Budgeting

​Our qualitative analysis process is intended to help businesses determine whether projects such as building a new plant or investing in a long-term venture are worth pursuing.  We can provide business decision tools such as:

  • Feasibility Study 

  • ROI, IRR, NPV Analysis 

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Business Case Study

  • Business Plan



Business Start-Ups

Business startup solutions include an integrated set of actions an organization takes to capitalize on new opportunity through startup or expansion.  We can assist with tasks such as:

  • Capital Budgeting:

  • Organizational Docs:

  • Business Plans:

  • Marketing Plans:

  • Process Development:

Business Improvement

Do you have an under-performing department or division, or do you have an entire organization that is struggling?  Whether just a bump in the road or facing potential bankruptcy, we area experienced in and can help with: 

  • Solution Finding:

  • Restructure or Re-Org:

  • Turnaround Solutions:

  •  Asset Swaps:

  • Joint Ventures

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